one year ago, and yesterday

one year ago, and yesterday

recent pictures of me, and one with the oldest and the youngest.

i havent done much exercise in the past week and a half.

i’ve been sick with fevers and a bad cough, and i’m finally starting to feel better. 

the kids have been sick too and are still trying to get over it,..

Bentley turns one in 6 days, and his birthday party is this weekend, so once this rush is over i am fully dedicating myself back to working out everyday. i still watch what i eat, except for the occasion frozen yogurt, or random chocolate chip cookie.. i haven’t gained any weight back and i haven’t lost any. I’m hoping with this nice weather i can go for long walks with the kids and add that to my exercise.

How much weight did you lose? And how long did it take you, to reach your goal!!:)

i haven’t really reached my goal yet. i have probably 8-5 pounds left..and even so i may just keep going. i’ve lost about 40 pounds so far. it took me about 9 months of on and off healthy living to get here.

How many calories do u eat to lose weight

I eat around 12-1300 calories. I also breast feed still so my calories get “eaten” pretty fast… 

May I ask how you got those wonderful results in 3 weeks?

Eating healthy, water only. Working out. 

I did a squat and crunch challenge. But I’m sure any exercise could get you results

I have a huge feeling if satisfaction because all my pre pregnancy shorts fit me. Some of them are even loose on me. Going from a size 15 to a size 7 in less than a year…